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Student Accomplishments in 2020

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2020 Team Highlights

eLearning, Communication & Administration

eLearning, Communication & Administration

  • Launched the new Service Center where we now offer the NC State Addictions Specialist Certificate Program for Paraprofessionals
  • Developed a strong and diverse team that has been instrumental in strengthening our infrastructure
  • Launched 3 new on-demand courses, held 7 new live online events, and enrolled 50 learners in our NC State Addictions Specialist Certificate Program for Paraprofessionals
Family Leadership Model

Family Leadership Model

  • Supported engagement of Family Partners on the Child Welfare Family Advisory Council in 115 distinct committee meetings and workgroups
  • Developed a comprehensive manual for the North Carolina Child Welfare Family Leadership Model
  • Supported Child Welfare Family Advisory Council members to co-develop 25 unique presentations, plans, policies, and/or trainings for child welfare
Military Wellness Lab

Military Wellness Lab

  • Secured a 6-month contract with the Governor’s Institute to examine resource-seeking and acquisition for North Carolina military and veteran families through NCServes
  • Submitted a manuscript based on prior needs assessment conducted with NCServes data to Military Behavioral Health in August
  • Began planning for a Military and Veteran Memorial Garden space on campus in collaboration with Military and Veteran Services and the Shelton Leadership Center
Policing Practices

Policing Practices

  • Secured two large-scale external grants in collaboration with community and academic partners to support this work
  • Published a review of the science on pretrial risk assessment instruments in Criminal Justice and Behavior
  • Conducted a survey of police departments across NC to understand how the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their practices, policies, and procedures


  • Increased our awareness and commitment to behavioral change in the areas of diversity, equality, and inclusion
  • Transitioned all in-person training curricula to online and supported one another in learning and adapting
  • Actively improved our partnerships and cohesion as a training team

2020 Wake Community-University Partnership

SE Raleigh Community Collaboration

Established the SE Raleigh Community Collaboration, a community-based participator initiative to imagine the future of SE Raleigh by highlighting and promoting the people, places and stories of Southeast Raleigh

John Rex Foundation

Received funding from the John Rex Foundation for a one-year planning grant to establish a cooperatively owned co-working space in SE Raleigh for nonprofit, small businesses and startups, and faith organizations

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Seeding Innovation (EEASI)

Completed an evaluation for the Empowering Entrepreneurs and Seeding Innovation (EEASI) project, an academy for local youth and adults focused on developing an entrepreneurial mindsetEven more interesting content

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Great Community Resources Available!

We have some great materials hosted on the Community Resources page on our website. These resources are broken down into six categories: Educational Resources for Supporting Youth in Substitute Care, Facilitating a Child and Family Team Meeting (CFT) Resources, Including Youth and Children in CFTs Resources, Natural Supports in CFTs Resources, Resiliency Resources, and Additional Resources. We hope that through making these resources available, they will be used to better families in our communities across the state.

A Message from Dr. Brookins

"Making a positive change in our families and communities." 
-  Dr. Kwesi Brookins, Director