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Families and communities are at the heart of what we do. Since we were founded in 2008, we have constantly strived to better the lives of those in need. As a public service and research center at North Carolina State University, we exude the "Think and Do" mantra. This can be seen in our mission:

As an engaged university center, we learn from families and communities, and with them, we create and inform practice, policy, and knowledge.

Your donation, no matter the size, impacts the lives of many. It is through donations that we are able to foster family-community-academic partnerships that are relevant and responsive to those we serve. Supporting family and community engagement, offering various trainings dedicated to child welfare, and providing evaluation and research are just a few examples of the work that you can help sponsor through your generous gift. 

The work that we do contributes to meaningful improvements in the safety, health and well-being of families and communities.

Kwesi Brookins, PhD, Center Director

The Center's impact in the families and communities we serve across North Carolina is not possible without the support of people like you. By donating to the Center, you are contributing to meaningful change and improvements in our state. Help us make a difference, a brighter future, and a lasting impact.

Thank you for supporting the Center.

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