Local/Global Partnerships


The Center currently engages with North Carolina families through the Family-Centered Practice Project, funded by the NC Division of Social Services, through which we provide training, technical assistance, and evaluation that advances cultural safety, family leadership, community partnerships, and inclusive planning.

The Center is advised by a Networking Alliance that helps us stay on track with our principles and builds connections to opportunities and resources for the Center and Networking Alliance members.


The Center’s national partnerships have helped develop and test model fidelity measures and offered guidance on practice and policy relating to child welfare, juvenile justice, domestic violence, and education.

Model fidelity measures

      Washington, DC: Burford, Pennell, and Edwards (2011)
     • Pennsylvania: Rauktis, Fitzpatrick, Jung, and Pennell (2012)

Practice and policy guidance

      Child welfare: American Humane Association (2010)
      Juvenile justice: Pennell, Shapiro, and Spigner (2011)
      Domestic violence: Pennell and Kim (2010)
      Education: Pennell and Rikard (2013)


Our international partnerships touch on a wide array of topics, including family engagement, restorative justice, indigenous practices, women and children’s rights, responsible fatherhood, and family group solutions as alternatives to inter-country adoption and institutional care of children.

    • Australia and the United Kingdom: PennellBurford, Connolly, and Morris (2011)
    • CanadaPennell and Burford (2009)
    • New Zealand: Pennell, Maxwell, and Nash (2012)
    • Israel: Hall, Pennell, and Rikard (in process)
    • Guatemala
RotabiPennellRoby, and Bunkers (2012)
                           Roby, PennellRotabi, Bunkers, and de Uclés (under review)