Networking Alliance

Mission. Our center is dedicated to advancing safe, healthy, productive families and communities. To accomplish this mission, we seek to adhere to the principles of cultural safety, family leadership, community partnerships, and inclusive planning

Purpose. Our Networking Alliance serves as the Center’s advisory council. The Networking Alliance helps the Center stay on track with its principles and builds connections to opportunities and resources for the Center and Networking Alliance members. 

Roles and Responsibilities. Networking Alliance members provide guidance to the Center based on their knowledge, experience, and ethical commitments. They are expected to participate in Networking Alliance meetings twice per year and to help to create a friendly and participatory process. They are invited to participate in the Five-Year Review mandated by the university. The members are not responsible for directing or managing the Center. 

Membership. The Networking Alliance is composed of members from family and youth groups, community organizations, public agencies, and universities. Members are appointed by the center director and serve two-year terms. At the invitation of the center director, membership can be renewed for another two-year term. Current members are:

Beth Morrison
Carmelita Coleman
Emily Barbour
Holly McNeill
Kathy Dobbs
Kerry Bird
Kiesha Crawford
Lana Dial
Marvel Welch
Nancy Carter
Susan Robinson

Meetings. The meetings of the Networking Alliance are called by the center director. Meetings are held twice per year in October and March. Present at the meetings are Networking Alliance members, faculty partners, center staff, and guests. The meetings are intended to be informal, informative, and mutually supportive.

Background. The Board of Trustees approved the establishment of the Center on September 18, 2008. The University mandates a review of centers/institutes every five years. A team of external evaluators reviewed the performance of the Center and center director for 2008-2013 and again for 2013-2017. The Board of Trustees authorized continuation of the Center in 2014 and 2018.