CenterPeace for Youth

With additional funding from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at NC State, the center developed and delivered curricula on family engagement for youth involved with both child welfare and juvenile justice. These well-received training events galvanized the involvement of a wide range of organizations. The events also helped those familiar with child and family teams to identify how to expand their practice to include restorative justice approaches bringing together both those offending and those affected by the offending. The results are modules incorporated into NCSU social work curricula and four community forums held in the spring of 2011.


Youth are

  • In a place of pride
  • Having a say
  • Linked to family, school, and community
  • Transitioning into responsible adults
  • Creating a spirit of peace for all

 Proposed Strategy

  • Re-engage youths with their families (including dads), schools, and communities
  • Child and family teams in a system of care
  • Youths having a say and a sense of fairness
  • Youths taking responsibility and getting back on track

Collaborative Strategy

  • Cross-training for system of care
  • Family and agency trainers for family-centered practice
  • Preparation of students in multiple fields
  • Involving communities of place, culture, and faith in planning
  • Redesigning policy and funding
  • Evaluation and research to improve practice