NC State Addictions Specialist Certificate Program for Paraprofessionals

The Center for Family and Community Engagement and faculty from the NC State School of Social Work have partnered to offer the Addictions Specialist Certificate Program for Paraprofessionals. This program is designed to increase the number of paraprofessionals in the field of addictions. The program will provide access to courses that you can use to apply for certification with the North Carolina Addictions Specialist Professional Practice Board. New on-demand courses will be released on the 15th of each month, beginning October 15, 2020. Live course sessions will be offered for 1.5 to 3 hours on Fridays beginning October 30, 2020 from 5:00 - 8:15 p.m.

Courses will be offered in four categories:

  1. Substance Use Specific: This series of courses will specifically focus on topics related to prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery related to substance use disorders.
  2. General Skill Building: This series of courses will focus on skills that are not substance abuse specific but that are related to counseling skills used within the substance use disorder arena.
  3. Current Topics: This series of courses will highlight current and emerging issues related to special populations that are impacted by substance use disorders. 
  4. Live Online: This series of courses will be offered in a live online format by instructors who currently work as substance abuse professionals across the U.S.

Development and delivery of this certificate program is funded by grant #T97HP33390, awarded to the School of Social Work, from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Center for Family and Community Engagement. In order to register for the certificate, HRSA requires that each participant verify that they are connected, as a volunteer, intern, or employee with an agency that provides either prevention, treatment, or recovery services for substance use disorders. After verifying this information, each participant will pay a $40 registration fee and will have access to the certificate materials for 12 months.

Participants: Opioid Use Paraprofessionals

Next Steps: Click here to take the demographic survey and determine if you qualify to register for the certificate program. You will not receive an immediate acknowledgement of your entry; however, we will review your response and get with you shortly.

Additional Resources: Click here to access additional addiction-related resources.

Course examples:

Substance Use Specific: Trauma-Informed Care and Substance Use, Advocacy Basics Section, Human Trafficking and Substance Use Disorders, Interactive Storytelling to Investigate Personal Consequences: Scenario Based Learning

General Skill Building: Interviewing and Engagement Skills, Documentation 101 Section, Strategies for Communicating Healthy Boundaries

Current Topics: HIV/AIDS/STDS: Current and Emerging Issues Section, Military Veteran Substance Use, Substance Use and Autism Spectrum Disorders & ADHD, Substance Use and Adolescence

Live Online: Co-Occurring Disorders: Navigating Dual Diagnosis, Substance Use, HIV & Mental Health: Managing a "Triple" Diagnosis, I am Stressed Out and I Can’t Take it Anymore: Overcoming Burnout, Medication-Assisted Recovery & Mutual Aid Groups, Opiates: Commonly Misused Substance, Advocating for Your Child: Opioid Prevention