Alicia Light

Instructional Technologist

Picture of Alicia Light


Alicia Light has been working as the Instructional Design Technologist at the Center for Family and Community Engagement since June 2017. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Organizational and Interpersonal Communication from the University of Central Florida. She graduated with her Masters of Education in Instructional Technology from Florida Atlantic University in Spring 2018. She has a background working with families and people in need while serving in AmeriCorps. While in AmeriCorps, she facilitated and developed the educational training program that dispelled homeless stereotypes across Palm Beach County. Her passion lies in all things education and thoroughly enjoys creating and leveraging engaging content and activities in order to facilitate higher learning in students. Alicia has worked with various software programs and technology in order to create on-demand trainings, live trainings, and blended trainings. She looks forward to using her out of the box thinking and problem solving skills in order to promote trainings that excite and engage adult learners across North Carolina.